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Digital Illustration Training Basics

Adobe Illustrator projects

Digital Illustration Basics Designers use vector illustration tool Adobe Illustrator for tasks ranging from illustrations to logos and animations.

Creating illustrations in a vector program like Illustrator can be fun or frustrating, depending on how you approach it. In this hands-on introductory class, you'll learn professional illustration techniques for creating great-looking artwork using deceptively simple elements. In each lecture, a veteran illustrator will guide you through every step of an illustration project and get your creative juices flowing. The class is for anyone who wants to learn more about illustration or Adobe Illustrator—or both.

Class Projects and Objectives:

This online training class is packed with Adobe Illustrator projects. Students will meet the following objectives:

  • Create still lifes, editorial art/brand logos, and character portraits in Illustrator.
  • Create artwork from basic shapes, symbols, gradients, fill colors, symbols.
  • Create depth and shadow effects to give artwork a three-dimensional quality.
  • Spray, size, and rotate symbols to create repeated elements.
  • Integrate pencil sketches into the digital illustration process.
  • Add curves to shapes using the Pen tool and Bezier curves.
  • Use clipping masks to frame a composition.
  • Work with text as a graphic element.
  • Set up a template for a drawing project.
  • Draw character art following the basic proportions of the human face.
  • Apply simple techniques for drawing each part of the human face.

Class Instructor Bio:

Andrew Shalat is an author, designer/illustrator, educator, and Mac expert. Since 1985 he has been designing and writing articles about Macintosh, Mac software, and publishing technologies that have appeared in Macworld, and (for which he was a columnist writing "Shalat's Web"). He has been a regular speaker/faculty member at Macworld Expo since 2001 and has written three books: How to Do Everything with Online Video (McGraw-Hill, Osborne), Do It Yourself Mac Projects (McGraw-Hill), and MacDesign Out of the Box (Peachpit). Andrew is a regular contributor to design and Macintosh related sites including Inside Mac Radio, InDesign Magazine, and His design work covers a large range of media including book, CD and DVD covers, brochures, catalogs, outdoor signage, print ads, artwork, logos, Flash and Web design, and grocery lists. Over the past two decades, Andrew has taught literature, writing, Web design, and print design.

  • Computer with Internet connection (56 Kbps modem or faster).
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4 or CS5.
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