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Flash ActionScript Programming Training

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Flash ActionScript Programming If you enjoy creating animations and sites and scripting interactive actions in Flash, then you're ready to jump to the next level by learning programming with ActionScript. ActionScript allows you to create highly interactive and entertaining applications that can be modified. By learning some basic scripting, you can start to build interactive games and other applications that are fully-featured.

In this advanced Flash ActionScript course, you will learn the history and basics of computer programming and write high-level ActionScript code. These codes place, alter and move the elements of an onscreen design. Working with Flash pro David Witt, you will learn ActionScript by building a classic video game in just six lessons. Along the way, you will learn key ActionScript programming skills and methods while building up your personal and professional Flash applications. Using a code base, you'll learn how to create game interfaces and control game flow all with the power of ActionScript!

Class Projects and Objectives:

This online class is filled with projects and tips. Students can expect to: 

  • Learn about the architecture of computer hardware and software.
  • Examine key concepts in programming.
  • Learn how Flash and ActionScript fit into the programming world.
  • Define and create a hero character for an Alien Invaders Flash game.
  • Review two methods of triggering button events.
  • Create left/right control buttons for a video game hero.
  • Use strings and variables to move a hero using the control buttons.
  • Add code that moves the hero with keyboard input.
  • Learn about the properties of a Movie Clip.
  • Learn how to use the ActionScript Dictionary.
  • Explore how functions and classes fit in the ActionScript hierarchy.
  • Learn syntax and coding conventions that keep AS organized and avoid bugs.
  • Create a project development sketch of the game.
  • Add code to a game to construct a hero class.
  • Learn the various scope references for object-oriented programming.
  • Encapsulate the code of the arrow buttons.
  • Dynamically load the hero using attachMovie()
  • Create a Flash movie that randomly and dynamically generates a Movie Clip symbol.
  • Explore dynamic programming in depth.
  • Learn the benefits and drawbacks of variable content.
  • Add an alien character to a video game.
  • Load a grid of aliens into a game using dynamic code.
  • Learn to use a "for loop" and other key aspects of ActionScript code.
  • Dynamically animate an alien grid.
  • Learn how to use a speed variable.
  • Create a bullet and shooting functions for the hero.
  • Add code that loads the bullet dynamically according to the hero's location.
  • Learn about the circular model of programming interactivity.
  • Learn how to employ a hitTest() function for collision detection.
  • Add three collision detections to the alien game.
  • Learn to apply collision detections using an object-oriented programming method.
  • Organize existing code into new layers.
  • Create an explosion animation for the hero.
  • Add a function to the heroClass to define trigger the animation.
  • Set Movie Clips to unload upon certain events.
  • Learn how Moore's Law applies to the evolution of computing technology.
  • Learn the history of and methods for debugging programs.
  • Examine stepwise coding and the evolution of the GUI.
  • Determine the remaining elements of the game flow and control.
  • Modify and integrate a template GUI into the game.
  • Define functions that start, pause, and reset the game.
  • Implement a feature that displays score and lives in the GUI.
  • Explore the role of programming in the computing ecosystem.
  • Learn how Flash fits into the Web content chain.
  • Examine the process of programming through an ActionScript case study.
  • Learn a number of best-practice rules for new programmers.
  • Create a high score name entry screen incorporating Dynamic Text and Input Text.
  • Build a high score display screen using Dynamic Text and an array.
  • Add code that displays the high score screens at the end of a game.
  • Learn the pros and cons of linking and importing sounds.
  • Import sound effects to the game movie.
  • Add code to trigger sound in various areas of the game.

Class Instructor Bio:

David Witt is a Brooklyn, NYC-based new media artist and award-winning interactive multimedia designer. He has worked for many top brands and agencies, and has a background in graphic design, web design, digital imaging and high-end print production. His current focus is on creating new paradigms in interface design and multimedia applications using FlashMX/Actionscript, which he also uses to create abstract animations that are shown at galleries and new media venues around New York City. David holds a MFA in Design + Technology from Parsons School of Design.

TOP: Flash file from Flash Actionscript Programming with David Witt. Click the arrows above. ActionScript will give him the power to save us all!
  • Own and have basic experience with Flash MX or MX 2004. Own and have basic experience with a digital imaging program such as Photoshop or Fireworks.
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