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Adobe Flash Training

Adobe Flash Training

Learn Flash Online

DesignMentor Training offers the following Flash online classes. All are available for immediate enrollment and are instructor-led by an outstanding faculty.

Flash Basics Beginner Training

Web designers turn to Adobe Flash when they want to create dynamic sites. A visual, vector-based tool, Flash can create everything from basic animations to entire Web sites. Developed for beginners to Flash, this 6-lesson course... more info

Flash Actionscript Programming Training

If you enjoy creating animations and sites and scripting interactive actions in Flash, then you're ready to jump to the next level by learning programming with ActionScript. ActionScript allows you to create highly interactive...more info

Flash Web Site Design Training

Learn how to build entire Web sites in a Flash using Adobe Flash, the top technology used in presenting and designing Web multimedia. Flash Web sites entice visitors with motion, visual intensity, and sound and,...more info

Flash & Typography Training

Creating motion on your Web site is a great way to attract the attention of your target audience. That's why Web designers turn to Adobe Flash, the #1 animation tool for the Internet. Animated graphics can hype up a...more info

Flash Experience Design Training

Adobe Flash is a breakthrough program that allows designers to engage Web users through new forms of interaction. In this project-based course, you'll learn how to design Flash environments that convey a story or deliver...more info

Flash Multimedia Projects Training

Once you've mastered the basics of Flash animation and ActionScript, it's time to combine your skills and create multimedia experiences that will awe users. In this intensive 6-lesson course, you'll learn...more info

Flash Animation Training

Every designer secretly aspires to be an animator. Using Adobe Flash you can fulfill this wish! Once you've mastered the basics in Flash, it's time to study animation. Though the focus of this class is on character animation...more info

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