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Introduction to Multimedia Design Class

Learn Multimedia Design Online

Intro to Multimedia Multimedia design, in which video, audio, animation, and interactivity converge, is a rapidly expanding creative field. In this 3-lesson introductory course led by instructor Claire Boger, you'll learn where multimedia comes from, where it is now, and where the future lies. Through real-life exercises and examples, you'll explore the facets of multimedia and how it can be implemented via the Internet. This class doesn't require any software—just your excitement about this evolving field. Whether you're looking to make a career change or just get your feet wet, this class shows you the wave of the future.

Multimedia Class Projects and Objectives:

This online class is packed with projects and tips. Students can expect to: 

  • Learn what multimedia is and how it relates to the digital world.
  • Explore the many uses of multimedia on the Web.
  • Examine examples of online multimedia projects.
  • Discover the growing uses for multimedia offline.
  • Assess the ways in which a company can utilize multimedia.
  • Determine which methods of online multimedia would benefit the company.
  • Determine which methods of offline multimedia would benefit the company.
  • Evaluate which multimedia projects would be most effective.
  • Determine if multimedia could replace any "old media" means of marketing the business.
  • Understand the concept of bandwidth as it relates to the transfer of multimedia files.
  • Learn about compression and streaming as means of speeding up delivery of files online.
  • Examine the rules for implementing multimedia on the Web.
  • Explore examples of sites that make excellent use of multimedia content.
  • Visit a given Web site and explore its use of multimedia.
  • Determine the site's target audience and how this site appeals to it.
  • Evaluate the media used to display the site's content.
  • Assess the plug-ins or players required to view the site's multimedia content.
  • Determine which alternatives, if any, are supplied for low-bandwidth users.
  • Learn how and why to focus on a specific multimedia area.
  • Explore many of the roles played by multimedia professionals.
  • Understand the techniques and technologies used by a multimedia professional.
  • Look at the multimedia playing field of today and consider that of tomorrow.
  • Use your knowledge of multimedia to create a futuristic multimedia device.
  • Consider the audience that would use this device.
  • Explain the multimedia elements of the device.
  • Describe the purpose of the device and give examples of its use.
  • Explain how a user would encounter this device and what needs it would fulfill.

Multimedia Class Instructor Bio:

Tara MacKay is the Director of Curriculum at Sessions. Tara is a Web and multimedia designer who has designed award-winning exhibit sites for the American Museum of Natural History and the Rose Center for Earth and Space. She has worked with design teams at AOL, Yahoo!, and other major online companies on product integrations with Sage Online and Among Tara's interests are Web design, logo design, illustration, and streaming media.

Image from Intro to Multimedia with Tara MacKay.
Explore multimedia design for web applications and more. Class Instructor Bio:

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