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The following list of Photoshop Tutorials are authored for DesignMentor Training by Matt Kloskowski. 

tMatt is an instructor for DesignMentor Training where he instructs an online class in advanced Adobe Photoshop. Author of Extreme Photoshop and Illustrator Most Wanted, Matt is certified as an Adobe Certified Expert  and as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). Matt writes weekly columns for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and Mac Design magazine's Web site and features for Create Magazine's Studio column. Matt's tutorials have been used in over 15 schools throughout the United States and translated into seven languages.

Photoshop Vanishing Point Tutorial - Part One

Anyone who has had to clone away areas of an image knows how tedious it is to match an image's perspective. Simply cloning a target area will not suffice, as it doesn't take into account the distortion that results from changes in depth. As one of the stars of Photoshop CS2, the Vanishing Point filter lets you define perspective planes… continue

Photoshop Vanishing Point Tutorial - Part Two

In the first exercise on Vanishing Point, you looked at how this new filter can produce some amazing results in Photoshop CS2. Cloning and removing objects from photos in ways that were almost impossible before can be done fairly quickly and accurately using Vanishing Point. However, there is an added aspect to Vanishing Point that is… continue

Photoshop Smart Sharpen Tutorial

Smart Sharpen in Photoshop CS2 attempts to sharpen a photograph by removing specific types of blurring (Gaussian, lens, or motion). This photograph of a flower has a noticeable lens blur that could have resulted from camera shake... continue

Photoshop Spot Healing Brush and Red Eye Tool Tutorial

Photoshop CS2 has added a few new tools to make photo retouching even easier. Among them are the Spot Healing Brush and the Red Eye Tool. Both of these tools help take the legwork out of retouching photos because they do much of the work for you. In this exercise, you're going to see just how easy… continue

Photoshop Merge to HDR Tutorial

Since digital cameras can capture only a fraction of the brightness range our eyes can see, Adobe has added a new Merge to HDR function in Photoshop CS2 that lets you merge several exposures into one High Dynamic Range (HDR) image. This new feature allows you to capture the full range of color values and produce some amazing images. Let's take a look... continue

Photoshop Layers in InDesign Tutorial

When working with various digital design products, it's rare that an individual uses just one Adobe product. For example, those who create brochures, magazines, books, or newsletters in InDesign often use Photoshop for many of their graphics needs. For this reason, Adobe has continually pushed the boundaries in creating… continue

Image Processor and Web Photo Gallery Tutorial

Automating repetitive tasks in Photoshop is a hot topic these days. Photoshop has matured to the point where people not only want to make cool images and correct their digital photographs, but they want to do it fast. Photoshop CS2 includes several... continue

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