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Color Correction vs. Color Adjustment Tutorial

Not all images need color correction, but you may want to adjust their color anyway. The term color correction implies that there is something incorrect about the color in the image. Common color corrections involve removing color casts from neutral white highlights or fixing the color balance in skin tones. These types of color changes represent true ...continue


Illustrator CS2 - Live Trace and Live Paint Tutorial

Live Trace is one of the hottest new features to hit Illustrator in a long time. Now in Illustrator CS2, you can quickly and accurately convert photos, scans, or other bitmap images to editable and scalable vector paths with the Live Trace feature. It's huge! And to top it off—it's fast. I used Live Trace to...continue

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

DesignMentor instructor Matt Kloskowski has authored seven excellent free Photoshop tutorials. Explore vanishing point, smart sharpen, spot healing, red eye tool, image processor and web photo gallery, and more. continue

Adobe Bridge Tutorial

Bridge is Adobe's next-generation File Browser. It still has many of the features that made the original File Browser so popular, but Adobe has built upon those to create a more powerful application that not only works with Photoshop, but the entire Creative Suite. Bridge now makes locating and processing your images much easier. continue

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